Tip of The Week: Diet

healthy-eating-_9375_13898_2You guys have been working really hard at camp over the last few weeks but we have a sneaky suspicion that some of you haven’t been eating the healthiest (yes – we stalk you on Facebook!)!!

Just remember that what you “fuel” your body with will determine how well you do at bootcamp (or other workouts, your energy levels at works, etc) AND how you look! So, what should you eat? Well….follow these simple rules (and be sure to ask your Dr.):



  • Eat breakfast within an hour of when you wake up (jumpstarts metabolism)
  • Eat “Clean”. This means don’t eat processed foods (no chips, things in boxes, things with ingredients you can’t pronounce, etc).
  • Up your fruits and veggies
  • Try to eliminate sugar (except from fruit)
  • Eat lowfat. You don’t need to eat a bunch of fat-free crap but be very aware of the fat in items you purchase and consume at restaurants. Yes, some olive oil, nuts and avocado are good in moderation….but you don’t need extra fats.

For tips on what to eat before/after camp read here.