• “I have to tell you that today’s running drill was the farthest I have run continuously — made it almost the fist quarter mile without walking — since I was 13. Back then I was a competitive gymnast and was running 3 miles several times a week. Since then I learned to hate running and stuck to dance, walking and yoga for exercise. Thank you for starting Bombshell Bootcamp. At age 41, I have pushed myself farther than I have in years and never felt intimidated. The approach and camaraderie are great. Each class is very tough, makes me proud of myself in the moment and afterwards.” – Sandra
  • “I have been attending Bombshell Bootcamp since October 2011. I began wanting to tone up, feel stronger and get into better shape and as a result I have lost over 20 pounds and have dropped 2 dress sizes. Honestly the hardest part of BBC is just showing up for the workouts (one hour 3 times a week). Once I am there I can “turn off my brain” and let Cari and Carrie take control. All you have to do is show up and you will see results in just 6 weeks. I did!” Beth
  • Bombshell Bootcamp is a great workout for people of all fitness levels. Cari and Carrie were there every step of the way providing challenging workouts, watching our form, and ensuring that we got the most out of every exercise.” – K.S.
  • “I first want to say how much I LOVE bootcamp! I truly have enjoyed getting my butt kicked and have been spreading the word to all my friends how awesome bombshell bootcamp has been for me! I can really feel a difference in my strength and even noticing definition in my leg and arms from when I first started! Yay! One day I’ll master those planks!!! 🙂 You two are amazing by the way! I’m totally SOLD on your workout!” – Ashley
  • “I am not a person that likes to go to the gym but love trying new ways to work out.  This has been awesome I am on my 2nd 6 wks boot camp and can’t wait for the next one to get started!! Not one work out has been the same since I started back in February!! If you try it you’ll get addicted to it!!” – Heather via Yelp
  • “I was introduced to Bombshell Bootcamp through a “pampering” package that I purchased at a charity auction.  It was the item I initially liked least about the package, but ended up being one of the best items.  It’s like having your own personal trainer, but at an affordable rate!  They work out every part of your body and push you to your limit through a different focus everyday (i.e. strength, speed, yoga).  For the next two days after each class I am sore all over – in areas that I didn’t even know muscles existed.. HA!   But overall I feel great and have so much more energy!  Coming from no work-out regimen, I can attest that this boot-camp is fit for all levels!!” – Jennifer via Yelp

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