Bombshell of The Week: Hannah


How long have you been attending Bombshell Bootcamp? “About a year!”
Why did you decide to try the camp?  “I would probably consider myself to be somewhat of a bootcamp junkie. Since moving to Houston in 2008, I had been to multiple camps trying to find one I liked. Although I was mostly satisfied with others, I didn’t feel overly motivated on a daily basis, and for the most part, still dreaded going to work out. I came across thead for Bombshell Bootcamp on Tidbits last year and decided to give it a shot. The outside location along the bayou was a nice perk and is probably what got me to actually show up on the first day. Bombshell bootcamp, unlike other bootcamps I have tried, combines awesome people with a fantastic, challenging, and always-changing workout. It has consistently challenged me and kept me motivated.”
What is your favorite workout we do at bootcamp? “Tabata Tuesdays! Duh!”
Is there an exercise we do at bootcamp that you have a love/hate relationship with?Also Tabata Tuesdays! Well, and time tests. I love/hate the mile run.”
Have you lost weight, gotten faster or stronger and if so – can you tell us about it? “I’ve lost about 10 pounds over course of the year and have definitely become much stronger and faster. I’ve consistently been able to keep the 10 pounds off which has been a great motivator. It seems like as long as I show up and try hard, I’m able to maintain my weight and strength! My jogging and running pace is faster than it’s ever been. I feel much more confident in my body and am stronger than ever. Bombshell bootcamp rocks.”
What advice do you have for new girls starting camp? “The hardest part is getting there. Just get in your car and start driving. You’ll be glad you’re there once you start warming up!”
What keeps you motivated? “Being happy with my body and strength level. Of course compliments like ‘wow, you’re tiny!’ are also helpful Cari and Carrie are also very motivating.”
Would you recommend Bombshell Bootcamp to a friend?  How would you describe the camp to them?  “Absolutely! And I have! I got my roommate to come and now she’s obsessed too. I describe Bombshell Bootcamp as a crazy-awesome workout that is extremely challenging yet rewarding on all levels. The varying workouts keep your body and mind challenged. There’s little time for boredom or complaining!”
How would you describe the trainers: Cari & Carrie? “Amazing. They are motivating and challenging and are always sure to keep you on your toes to ensure you’re getting in the best workout possible. They assist with form when necessary but also let you do your own thing to maximize your individual workout. They are positive and supportive, and always make camp fun. They laugh a lot and keep the atmosphere welcoming yet challenging at the same time.”
Tell us something fun or interesting about yourself that others at the camp may not know.“My dog, Lola, is the love of my life. Don’t tell my boyfriend.”