FAQ Of The Week: What Should I Eat Before & After Bootcamp?

This is a popular question we get a lot. Our bootcamp is in the evenings – so sometimes it’s hard to plan your meals and snacks around it. Here is what we recommend you do:



  • Eat healthy all day, including starting your day with breakfast (within an hour of when you wakeup) – even if it’s something small.
  • Then, about 1-2 hours before camp eat a healthy snack or mini-meal for energy. The closer to camp it is..make it slightly smaller. If its 2hrs before it can be larger. Chose things easy to digest that will give you energy. We like: bananas, almonds, a few wheat crackers with nut butter, a Larabar or low-sugar granola (we like Bear Naked). This meal/snack should be low-fat and low-fiber so it doesn’t upset your stomach. It should also be slightly higher in carbs since protein is hard to digest sometimes (especially animal protein).
  • After your workout, try to eat something within 30min of the workout. If you can’t do a meal that soon – eat a couple of almonds or nuts on the way home. The protein within 30 min will help your muscles recover faster. Whey protein powder with water also works great. Then, have a light meal when you get home. Try a lean protein (fish, meat, soy, tempeh, etc) along with veggies (avoid starchy ones) and/or a green salad with tomato, berries and/or more veggies and nuts.

Don’t worry about eating dinner late. As long as it’s not super huge or high in calories/fat you will be fine. It’s better than going to bed on an almost empty stomach and having to wait until the morning. That will slow your metabolism.

*Keep in mind these are just suggestions. Please consult with your doctor or registered dietitian before making big changes or if you have allergies, etc.