Introducing Bombshell Express

We are excited to announce a new class at camp: Bombshell Express!

Don’t have time to fit in an hour-long class or can’t make it to the 6pm class? No worries! We now have THREE class options:

6-6:30pm Express Class

6-7pm Regular Class

6:30-7pm Express Class

What is Bombshell Express?

This is a shorter version of our regular class designed for those who only have 30 minutes to workout or who can’t make our regular class at 6pm. The class format will be the exact same – we will be doing a mix of cardio and strength training usually in interval format. *We recommend that you warm up for a few minutes before you join (run a couple of the stair “loops” at our base, jog up and down the path, etc). You also need to bring the same equipment as the participants in the regular class: a mat, water and a set of medium dumbbells or a resistance band.

Will I still get results?

Yes! Studies show that you can lose weight, change your body shape and get healthy by working out as little as 20 minutes a few times a week. But, consistency is key! You can actually get better results by coming 3x week for just 30 minutes than if you came to our hour long class only 1-2 times per week. Why? That extra day really matters. You really need to workout at least 3x week (with Bombshell Bootcamp) and then try to fit in a run, yoga class or other workout on your own.

How will the class be structured? 

The class will be just like our regular class and in fact – you will be working out WITH our regular class. If you take the 6pm Express class – you will start with the group, but end at 6:30pm when we are doing some cardio transitions so that members can come and go during that time without any disruptions. You can stay a few minutes after and stretch if you’d like.

What do I do if I’m coming to the 6:30pm class and the girls area already working out?

If you are taking the 6:30pm class, arrive a couple of minutes early to do your own warmup (if you can) like jogging up and down the path, running a few flights of stairs, etc. But, if you can’t – that’s ok. Just come to the “base” and check in with our instructor and set out your mat and weights by the others. The entire group will be doing some cardio or transition work around 6:30pm and your instructor will tell you where to join in! Then, you will be working out with the group until 7pm.

For class times, pricing and to signup click here.

Read our FAQ page for more details about our program.