Bombshell Spotlight: Claudia

How long have you been attending Bombshell Bootcamp? About a year and a half.

Why did you decide to try the camp? I’ve tried other bootcamps in the past and never stuck with them. I liked the idea of it being outdoors and that its an all woman bootcamp. The idea of joining a like minded female fitness community was exciting to me!

What is your favorite workout we do at bootcamp? Tabata! 

Is there an exercise we do in class that you have a love/hate relationship with? Pushups! I know I need them and they make me stronger but I definitely don’t love them haha. I do like when we do a variety of them, it helps break up the exercise. 

Have you lost weight, gotten faster or stronger and if so – can you tell us about it? It’s very interesting because I have definitely gotten stronger but I haven’t necessarily lost a lot of weight. My body however has changed its shape. I feel I have muscle and curves where I should and yet still fit into my smaller clothing. I love it! 

What advice do you have for new girls starting camp? Don’t get discouraged on your first day. You will get stronger! And get to know the other girls. We encourage each other. 

What keeps you motivated? This community of women! I love my bombshell girls and I love that we keep each other going, compliment each other and keep each other accountable. 

Would you recommend Bombshell Bootcamp to a friend?  How would you describe the camp to them? Of course! Its going to be hard but worth it! 

Tell us something fun or interesting about yourself that others at the camp may not know. I love baking! I took a professional cake decorating course many years ago and since then have made many special occasion cakes for birthdays, weddings, graduations and such. I only do it for friends and family but have been asked many times to start a business and sell them but it’s more fun to do them for free for the ones I love!  😊