It’s Getting Hot!

Well, summer is officially here in H-town and that means it’s super HOT and Humid! But, don’t let that stop you from coming to bootcamp and getting in a good workout! As we always say at camp – you are actually burning more calories and fat in the summer than you do the rest of the year. Why? Well, the simple answer is that your body has to work a lot harder. It’s working hard to maintain your body temperature and cool your body – so when you start working out and your body temp elevates  your entire body works a lot harder to stay cool and thus, all that “work” translates into calories burned. But, with that being said – it’s important not to overdo it and you definitely need to take some precautions when working out in the heat – especially the first few weeks before your body gets acclimated (it will get a little easier).


For tips on how to workout in the heat – check out Cari’s Blog post here:

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