Holiday HIIT Workout


In case you missed our “Holiday HIIT” workout last night – we are posting the details below. We mixed in a set of “four corner stairs” with squat jumps in the middle. If you don’t have access to stairs – go for a 5 minute jog around your block, jump rope or do some other (medium level) cardio at home. This is a shortened version and should take you about 30 minutes. If you have more time…do the whole thing twice!

The workout incorporates intervals of High, Medium and Low intensities. Do not rest in between. Once you are done with the whole set you can rest 60 seconds (or longer if you need it) before moving on to the next set.

Do each exercise for 1 minute each. You will need 1 set of medium weights for most of the exercises. 

Set 1

High: Weighted burpee with squat jump at the end – Do a regular burpee but with hands on weights, then when you jump feet back in finish with a weighted squat jump.

Med: Single leg plyo squat jump (1 min each leg) – Start in squat position but then do your jump balancing on 1 leg. Don’t lean forward – keep chest and shoulders back just like in a squat.

Low: Plie squat with upright row

Set 2

High: Lateral high knees over your mat (think 1-2-3, 1-2-3) pulling your knees up high each time and travel left then right.

Med: Squat to shoulder press (we did narrow press with palms facing each other and dropped our elbows to touch knees during squat)

Low: Reverse lunge with bicep curls (alternate legs)

*Do 5 minutes of steady cardio (see above for suggestions)

Set 3

High: Double butt kick jumps (start in squat then jump up and kick both heels up to your butt behind you, land softly back into squat)

Med: Alternating side lunges with overhead tricep extension (alternate side lunges left and right)

Low: Bent over row + fly (row/fly, row/fly, etc)

Set 4

High: Weighted v-ups – hold weight in your hands and reach to toes.

Med: Around the world plank tucks – start in high plank and alternate tucking right knee to right elbow, left knee to left elbow then right knee underneath core to left elbow and then left knee underneath to right elbow – repeat all 4

Low: Weighted Russian twists – alternate twisting elbows towards the ground while leaning back.