Valentine’s Day Workout!

Over the last week, we have had fun doing some Valentine-themed workouts! Below is a quick sample of what we did last night, if you missed it!

Warmup for 5-10 minutes (they did stairs!)

Cupid Shuffle (Forward/Back): Do a low traveling squat for about 3-4 yards then back-peddle (shuffle) back to the start. Repeat for 5 min.

Cupid Shuffle (Left/Right) : Do side shuffle runs (in a low squat) left and then change directions. Repeat for 5 min.

Kiss the Ground Shoulder Presses: Get in downward dog position and slowly lower your head towards the ground as if you were going to kiss your mat. This works your shoulders and upper back. 20-30 reps x 2.

Heart Pumping Stair Hops: We did about 3 minutes on each leg and also incorporated a reverse lunge on each side for about 1 minute. Stair hops (aka box blasts) look like this:

Heart Squat Jacks: Make a heart shape with your arms and do a regular squat-jack. Squeeze your biceps when you make the heart!

The Lovebug: Sitting on the mat – left your left leg in the air and do 5 tricep dips, then repeat with right leg in air. Then, flip over and do a 1-leg pushup with the left leg up and then one with the right leg up. Flip back over and repeat. Do 15-20 sets.

Love Handler: Side planks for 20 seconds plus 1 minute of dips. Do both sides.

Cupid’s Arrow Plank: Do 1 forearm plank for as long as you can hold it.