St. Patrick’s Day Workout!


Do this LUCKY Circuit times. The first time the “Y” is your choice of an upper body exercise (shoulders, pushups, etc), the second round it’s your choice of lower body (squats, deadlifts, etc). Then finish with the Lucky abs circuit – “Y” is your choice of abs (bicycle crunches, V-ups, etc). Use a medium set of weight for most of the exercises.

L – lunges (walking) x 30
U – upright rows x 20
C – curls (bicep) x 20
K – kickbacks (tricep) x 20
Y – your choice x 20 (1st round upper body, 2nd round lower body)

L – leg raises x 30
U – upper ab crunch x 30 (aka toe touches w/ legs in the air)
C – crunches x 30
K – flutter kicks x 30 sets (aka”scissor” feet)
Y  – your choice abs x 30