Bombshell of The Week: Brittany!


How long have your been attending Bombshell Bootcamp?

2 years

How did you hear about us, and why did you decide to try out the camp?


In 3 words describe Bombshell Bootcamp!

Challenging (in a good way), fun and motivating 

What is different about Bombshell Bootcamp than other workouts you have done?

It’s a total body workout.

Bootcamp sounds intimidating to many women and we are often afraid of trying new things.  Do you remember your first class and what advice can you give someone that has never tried Bombshell Bootcamp?

I was scared for my first class with you guys but I just tried to go in with an open mind. I was also very determined to get back into shape so that helped as well. 

Is there one workout time you remember the most?  If so, what was it and why do you remember it?

I remember during one summer we ran the big hills over by Allen Parkway and it was brutal! My thighs and butt thanked me later though! 

What results have you seen from attending bootcamp regularly? (i.e. lost weight, toned up, gotten faster, increased endurance, etc.)

I have noticed my endurance has increased along with my body toning up. 

How would you describe the training styles of Cari and Carrie?  

Cari is very cardio influenced and loves to make us run ☺. Carrie seems to focus more on strength training. 

Do you have a favorite body part to work-out or type of exercise to do?

I love to work out my arms because they aren’t very strong and I like to work on them as much as I can.

What motivates you?

Meeting my goals and seeing results. 

Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself!  

I have Celiac Disease and I am gluten free. Its my goal to make eating gluten free fun and easy. 

Do you have any guilty pleasures? (foods, shopping additions, TV shows, etc.) ☺ 

I have a trash tv addiction and a chocolate addiction.