Fitness Magazine’s Bikini Body Bootcamp + Contest!

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 10.53.34 AMHave you read this month’s issue (May 2013) of Fitness Magazine? Cari has created a special 4- week Bikini Body Bootcamp plan that we exclusively tested here at Bombshell Bootcamp! This is a great 4-week plan to do – especially for those of you who don’t live in Houston and can’t workout with us. Cari is doing weekly video tips (see below for week 1) to help you guys stay on track. You can view the videos each week on Fitness Magazine’s Facebook page.

Week 1 Tip:



oakleyspringCari is going to be giving out a new Spring Oakley outfit (top, bra, bottom) as a prize to whoever sticks with this plan and gets the best results! This doesn’t necessarily mean who has lost the most weight – but also who gets stronger, faster and more confident!

Contest Rules:

  • Take a “before” photo this week! Wait and send it at the end of the contest along with your after pic and a few sentences about what you accomplished (got stronger, could run farther, lost weight, etc). Optional: you can also take your measurements.
  • Follow the Bikini Body Bootcamp Plan (May issue is on sale now or view the plan here) for approximately 4 weeks (there are 5 weeks in May).
  • Tweet and/or post on FB once a week about your progress (or what moves you like, etc). Tag Cari Shoemate and Fitness Magazine on Facebook to let us know you are following the plan! For Twitter – mention @carifit and @fitnessmagazine
  • Send your before/after pic and results info to Cari ( the week of Monday 5/27/13 and we will announce the winner on Cari’s Blog on Friday 5/31/13.