Dealing With Soreness

During the first few weeks of camp, you are probably going to be sore….especially if you haven’t worked out in awhile or are used to doing a different style of workout. After a few weeks, you won’t be as sore – but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Soreness is a good thing (to an extent) because it means you are challenging your muscles. We change exercises at bootcamp so often and incorporate so many different things – you may experience soreness from time to time. This is basically the same principle as “muscle confusion” – where you want to “confuse” your muscles for best results. You arent’ going to change the look and shape of your body if you do the same exercies and eat the same diet week after week – so that’s why we mix things up at bootcamp!

Tips to Help With Soreness:

  • Don’t miss a workout if you are sore. Unless you pulled something or have bad DOM’s (delayed onset muscle soreness) – a workout the next day will be ok. Getting your body moving and blood circulating will help your muscles recover faster.
  • Stretching helps but never stretch cold muscles. Come to bootcamp the next day and then do stretches AFTER the workout.
  • If you are really sore  – take some ibuprofen or Advil (ask your Dr. first) and be sure to drink lots of water.
  • Invest in a Foam Roller. They cost around $20 and most come with a dvd for instruction. It’s better than stretching in a way -because you won’t strain or pull your muscles. Foam rolling is a myofascial relese teqnique similar to massage.

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