Workout With Pumpkins in Houston – Seen on KPRC


We were featured on NBC this morning (KPRC Channel 2) with Rueben Galvan! We showed him some of the fun exercises we do every October during our pumpkin workout week (you can watch the clips below)! *Thanks to all of our loyal clients and friends who came out to support us!

We like to mix things up at bootcamp (as most of you know!) and even incorporate different workout equipment from time to time (we’ve also done DIY sandbags, watermelons, etc!). Pumpkins are great because they are very similar to 10-15lb medicine balls and you can use them for a variety of exercises! It’s a great way to workout at home too because you can do your workout and then use the pumpkin for your Halloween decor!

Below are some sample exercises to try on your own. Or – join us again the last week in October at Bootcamp for fun pumpkin workouts! We will also be doing a FREE workout on Thursday Oct 29th 6-7pm at the Whole Foods on Waugh (more details coming soon).

Upper Body

  • Single arm pushup with one hand on pumpkin and one on ground
  • Overhead tricep extensions holding pumpkin with both hands.
  • Bicep curls
  • Shoulder presses

Lower Body/Cardio

  • Squat with overhead shoulder press with pumpkin
  • Lunges with core twist (twisting pumpkin out to side)
  • Side lunges with bicep curl (holding pumpkin)
  • Deadlifts
  • Jump over pumpkin side to side (for cardio)
  • Burpees with pumpkin


  • Seated Russian twists twisting pumpkin side to side
  • Toe touches touching the pumpkin to toes
  • V-ups holding pumpkin

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