‘Tis The Season With Tabata!

This week we did a special holiday workout and to stick with our “Tabata Tuesday” theme – we incorporated it into a tabata workout. Not sure what tabata is? Read here. You can do this workout with any holiday or theme – just use a good mix of cardio and strength training to burn the most fat!




‘Tis The Season With Tabata

All of these are done in tabata format with 20 seconds on/10seconds off. 1 round= 4minutes

*These were done for 2 rounds (8 minutes).

  • Reindeer Sprint Runs (sprint up and down path/trail)
  • Sleigh-ride Shoulder Raises (alternate front and side raises)*
  • Jingle Bell Burpees
  • Stocking Single Leg Squats (1 leg for each round)*
  • Jolly Jack Squats
  • Christmas Tree Tricep Extensions (1 arm for each round)*
  • Holiday Hills (if you don’t have hill to run – do more sprints)
  • Santa Sumo Squats*
  • Mistletoe Mountain Climbers
  • Present Pushups*

Core (2 rounds each):

  • Candy Cane Crunches (double crunch)
  • Tinsel Tucks (twisting/tuck planks)
  • Snow Angels (1st round = x crunch, 2nd round back extensions like “superman”)