Sample Workouts – Your 3 Week Workout Plan

We have a 3 week break between camps and want you guys to continue with your workouts so you don’t lose all that toned muscle and endurance you’ve built over the summer! You can also follow this plan if you live out of town or can’t come to bootcamp – it’s a great way to finish off the summer strong and fit!

The details of each workout are in the calendar below. You can interact with the calendar (scroll down to see the other week, etc) and view the details of each day by clicking on the text. We have suggested workouts for you to do on Tuesday/Thursday along with a running workout on Wednesdays. Click on the days that have text for the workout and you can “copy to my calendar” and put it into your own calendar and then view on your phone, etc.  The details of each workout are in the calendar and also posted below for an extra reference – so you may want to bookmark this page and pull it up on your phone.

We have suggested the following workouts for the days in the calendar. Of course – you can still meet as a group and do another workout or each do something different. These are just suggestions : )

Workouts To Follow:






Bridge Workout

Dynamic Warmup on Bridge: Easy jog for about 5 minutes then do a combination of butt-kicks, high-knees and/or skip jumps to warmup the legs. Warmup should be about 10-12min total. *If you don’t want to do this on top of bridge – use path run and do it down below.
Circuit #1
20 Squats with Shoulder press (same time)
20 Pushups
20 Bent Over Rows (or reverse flyes)
1 Bridge Run (medium Fast)
*Repeat entire circuit for 2-3 sets
Circuit #2
Walking lunges down the bridge (no weights)/jog back
20 Side lunges (each side) with bicep curls
15-20 Tricep Kickbacks or Overhead Extensions (or a mix)
1 Bridge Run (Sprint Down/Jog back)
*Repeat entire circuit for 2-3 sets
Circuit #3
20 V-Ups
20 Sets Bicycle Crunches
20 Sets Russian Twists w/weight
1 Bridge Run (Sprint Down/Jog back)
*Repeat entire circuit for 2-3 sets

20 Minute Blast + 30 min Cardio

We recommend you do this workout after a cardio session (run,bike, etc). But, it can be done on it’s own if you are short on time. This routine is a total body routine with core intervals mixed in.

  • If you don’t do cardio first – warmup for 5 minutes (walk, run, do jumping jacks)

Circuit 1

  • 15-20 Pushup Jacks (when you lower down into pushup position – jump feet out wider than hips. Jump feet back in together as you push yourself back to the top).
  • 15 Sets Reverse Lunges with a core twist (alternate legs so 30 total). For the core twist, as you lower down into lunge position, twist your core and upper body slightly to the right when your right leg is in front and vice versa for left. To make it harder hold a dumbell at your chest.
  • CORE: Do mountain climbers (flat back) for 60 seconds.

Circuit 2

  • Plie Squats (toes point out slightly): 30 singles + hold squat position (down) and alternate heel raises for 30 reps (15 each leg)
  • 15-20 Tricep Pushups. Do them on your knees unless your form is perfect. Hands under shoulders (not wide) and keep elbows by your sides as you lower down.
  • CORE: 50 Double Crunches: Hands behind head, knees bent. Crunch knees to elbows and lift both upper and lower body at the same time (hips come off ground) as you crunch into a ball. Release and repeat.
*Repeat both Circuits 2-3 times!

Speed Workout


10 laps stairs
pushups on the stairs
fast toe taps on stairs/plyo lunges
8 hill sprints
cone tuck jumps/side shuffle with plyo
cone tuck jumps/mountain climbers
15 min abs including progressive bicycles

Lower Body Workout

5 med hills + 5 sprint hills with pushups in between
10 squats + run backwards up hill x5
10 reverse lunges + hill sprint x5
lying hamstring curls & outter thigh abductors w/band
Tricep dips
Plyo “frog jumps” up stairs
3 laps stairs w/sprints
10 min abs

Wednesday Running Workouts

Tempo Run:

  • Warmup walk/jog for 10 minutes.
  • Then do 5 sets x 3 minutes at tempo pace, 60-second easy jog in between each one (if you have to walk during the recovery, you’re going too hard). So, your running portion will be approximately 20 minutes (not including warmup and cooldown).
  • Cooldown walk 5-10min.

Race Pace:

Warmup walk/jog for 5-10 minutes. Then, for the next 2-3 miles (or loop around Memorial) gradually get faster. Pace yourself in half mile intervals, or if you don’t have a way to calculate distance – use markers along the course (divide the course into 4-6 parts). Start off at a slow/medium run (RPE 5-6), then for each half mile interval get faster until your last half mile is your fastest (a little faster than your 5k pace).

Workout Details:

  • Warmup walk/jog for 10 minutes.
  • 0.5mile-1.0 mile:
  • Cooldown walk 5-10min.


Fartlek = “speed play”. Run fast between 2 lightposts, then easy between 3 light posts. Do a warmup and cooldown and finish with stretching. Aim for at least 3 miles or a whole loop of Memorial.