New Fall Bootcamp Session!



We are starting another 6-week session next week on Monday, September 9th!

What can you expect from our bootcamp?

Well, we do a mix of cardio (fat blasting hills, stairs, jumprope, tabata training, etc.) and strength training (weights, bands, body weight, etc) and we change things up every single class. Cari and Carrie teach some of the classes together and then alternate other days – so not only do you have a different workout, but a different trainer. Our members range from girls in their early twenties through women in their early 60’s. Our workouts are definitely a challenge (they have to be or you won’t see results!) but are suitable for all-levels – even beginners or those that have a lot of weight to lose. Although we do incorporate running into the workouts – it’s only for very short bursts at a time, so you definitely do not have to be “a runner” to enjoy this camp and get results. If you have any questions about the camp – we’d be glad to help! Email us at

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