Bombshell Spotlight: Samantha


Meet Bombshell Samantha!


How long have you been attending Bombshell Bootcamp? 2 years

Why did you decide to try the camp? I always got bored with the workout classes I tried around Houston so I wanted to find a class where I could get a workout that never got old. I love bootcamp because it provides me with a mix of strength training and cardio.

What is your favorite workout we do at bootcamp? Crazy, but I love Tabata. However, I think I will regret admitting that Tabata is my favorite when Tabata Tuesdays come around.

Is there an exercise we do in class that you have a love/hate relationship with? Tabata. In the moment, it’s hard, but I love it because I always feel sore, accomplished, and refreshed.

Have you lost weight, gotten faster or stronger and if so – can you tell us about it? I’ve gotten faster and stronger. During my last marathon, I could tell that the weightlifting, squats, and circuit training from bootcamp helped me physically and mentally.

What advice do you have for new girls starting camp? Remember to have fun! The great thing about bootcamp is that it is not competition and the results make bootcamp worth the time and money.

What keeps you motivated? Cari, Carrie, and everyone at bootcamp! Seeing how hard everyone works gets me through every class.

Would you recommend Bombshell Bootcamp to a friend?  How would you describe the camp to them? Of course! I already do! Everyone already knows that I’m busy on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and some Saturdays due to bootcamp. I would describe bootcamp hard, motivating, and fun. It’s also a community where I look forward to working out because of the friends I’ve made at bootcamp.

How would you describe the trainers: Cari & Carrie? I tried to come up with unique things about both Cari & Carrie but both are funny, friendly and inspiring. They know how to make us work beyond our own expectations. Their energy and motivation keeps me coming back to bootcamp.

Tell us something fun or interesting about yourself that others at the camp may not know. My newest hobby is gardening. I have raised beds and grow flowers, squash, potatoes, herbs, and more. Besides running and bootcamp, gardening keeps my mind off of every day craziness.