Bombshell of The Week: Sandra!

Name: Sandra 

How long have your been attending Bombshell Bootcamp?

Two years (since May 2012)

How did you hear about us, and why did you decide to try out the camp?

I saw Bombshell Bootcamp on a Living Social coupon. I had been looking for a fun class that would help me burn off some fat and build muscle tone.

In 3 words describe Bombshell Bootcamp!

Challenging, fun, worth it. (technically that’s four words)

What is different about Bombshell Bootcamp than other workouts you have done?

I have never tried any other bootcamps or Crossfit classes. I have practiced yoga for several years and done lots of cardio classes that included a bit of strength training. Bombshell Bootcamp is certainly a more intense workout than either of those. It is a very thorough and effective total body workout.

Bootcamp sounds intimidating to many women and we are often afraid of trying new things.  Do you remember your first class and what advice can you give someone that has never tried Bombshell Bootcamp?

Show up and keep showing up. Get yourself there and Cari and Carrie will guide you through the rest. It will be very challenging at first, but it gets easier, even addicting, more quickly than you would think. There will be a few moments early on when you say to yourself, “holy crap! There’s no way I can do that many reps, hills, stairs, etc.” Don’t let that voice have the last word. Let your muscles do the talking. Just go for it — give it all you got and shut that voice up for good! I was 41 when I started Bombshell Bootcamp and, now that I’m 43, I am in better shape than I was at 33. Whether you are 22 or 52, you can do this!

Is there one workout time you remember the most?  If so, what was it and why do you remember it?

I remember quite a few moments when I proved to myself that I was much stronger than I had previously thought. For my first couple of months at bootcamp, hearing Cari say, “grab a quick sip, next up is four corner stairs” made me think, “oh please, no, not that.” But I remember the first day that running the four-corner stair loop wasn’t so bad. It’s still very challenging, but I feel so much stronger and confident about doing it. Same thing goes for the 2-minute elbow plank.

What results have you seen from attending bootcamp regularly? (i.e. lost weight, toned up, gotten faster, increased endurance, etc.)

I have seen a dramatic fat loss, including the c-word (cellulite). I have only lost a few pounds, but I have lost inches in my waist, butt and thighs. My muscle tone is much improved all over. 

How would you describe the training styles of Cari and Carrie?  

Strategic – every workout has a clear purpose. 

Positively pushy – they help you find your inner strength and determination. 

Humorous and human – workouts are fun and I always feel they are working with me, not against me. 

Do you have a favorite body part to work-out or type of exercise to do?

I have to say I love running hills, especially when we do front, side and backwards hills. They are so great for leg and butt toning/strengthening and you get to enjoy the bayou and the skyline as you are literally working your butt off.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by the combination of seeing results in the mirror, feeling stronger during the toughest exercises and the “I’m such a badass” feeling I get on the way home from bootcamp. That’s what enables me to turn down happy hour invites or tell friends I’ll meet them later, after my workout.

Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself!  

I am a writer. I have written articles for local, regional and national magazines on many different subjects. I also do writing and editing work for many Houston museums. I am currently working on projects for the National Museum Funeral History.  

Do you have any guilty pleasures? (foods, shopping addictions, TV shows, ect) ☺

Yes. I am a hardcore foodie. I dine out constantly, which also keeps me motivated to get myself to bootcamp regularly. My favorite cheap thrill is Thai food, especially and soups and curries.